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Every member of your household needs the bathrooms in your home to function properly. It can be disastrous if a problem occurs that requires a plumber in Vancouver, WA, from Rowe Plumbing and Drain to come to your home. You should know the main causes of bathroom drain clogs so you can take measures to prevent them.


This is probably the most common reason why bathroom drains get clogged. It’s natural for strands to come out and fall everywhere, including in the sink, tub, and shower. If they sit ignored or unseen, the hair can end up in the drain. Enough accumulation can result in the need for drain cleaning in Vancouver, WA.

Soap Scum

If you have hard water, you can easily get a clogged drain in your bathroom sink, shower or bathtub from a buildup of soap scum. When the minerals from the water get into contact with the chemicals in soap, it can result in an ugly film buildup that can stick to your pipes and cause a bad clog.

Damaged Pipes

Many things can cause damage to your pipes. If the pipes are very old and made of certain materials, they can suffer from corrosion, which can wear away at them. A clog can develop and you will need drain cleaning services to clear things up and get your drains working normally again.

Object Stuck in P-Trap

Clogs can even occur if an object accidentally goes down the drain. Things like a toothpaste cap, a piece of jewelry or something similar can fall into your sink and get stuck in the P-trap, the area directly under the sink that’s connected to the pipe. It may be too tricky to fix this problem yourself, so you may need a plumber to do it for you.

Let the top drain cleaning company address any clog and clear your drains. DIY drain cleaning is never the answer, so be sure to avoid doing so when it comes to this issue.

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