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Why does it seem like we always discover plumbing issues in the morning? Finding out the water heater is on the fritz during a shower. Being met with a clogged toilet. Or learning the kitchen sink isn’t working when trying to make a pot of coffee.

However, no matter when the problems occur, it’s important to take care of them as soon as possible. For one, you don’t want to be without a bathroom for very long – especially if it’s your only one. There’s an even more pressing matter, though.

If there is a leak somewhere along the line, that could affect the walls, flooring, and even the ceiling of your home. Dry rot, which happens if standing water is present for a while, will rot the wood away underneath a sink, shower, or bathtub. If left unaddressed, you could see some real damage to the structure of your Vancouver, WA, home.

Don’t Wait If You See A Problem

If you happen to notice a leaky faucet while looking for cleaning supplies under the counter, try to see if you can find the source. If it’s coming from the faucet, you might be able to take care of it yourself. However, if you are unsure where the leak is coming from, or are uncomfortable fixing it yourself, call Rowe Plumbing and Drain.

Rowe Plumbing and Drain has more than 16 years experience in the Vancouver, WA, area. In addition to fixing leaks or changing out fixtures, we take care of clogged drains, broken garbage disposals, water heaters, and more. On the exterior of the house, we service hose bibs, fix exterior pipes, scope the mainline, and even maintain outdoor showers.

Rental Maintenance in Vancouver, WA

A clog in the guest bathroom at your home is inconvenient. If that clog shows up in multiple rentals, duplexes, or even an apartment complex you own, that inconvenience suddenly blossoms into a real pain. As the owner or property manager, you need to get that clog cleared quickly.

Rowe Plumbing and Drain offers rental maintenance programs for your properties, including 24-hour emergency service. Let us take care of your plumbing so you can concentrate on finding renters and keeping your properties full. We’ll treat your units as if they were our own and keep everything running smoothly.

Protect Your Bottom Line

Running water is the lifeblood of a business. Whether it’s for cleaning food in a restaurant, having a bathroom for your employees in a storefront, or washing hair at a boutique spa. Any interruption to water service can end up costing you money and customers.

As a business ourselves, we understand how any amount of downtime can be costly. So if you are having any issues with your commercial plumbing, give Rowe Plumbing and Drain a call. With service and maintenance programs, we will keep the water to your business running and draining away.

Vancouver, WA, Plumbing Services

For all of your leaks, clogs, and fixture installations, keep Rowe Plumbing and Drain in your contacts list. We are licensed, insured, and bonded in Vancouver and have the experience to take care of your plumbing service needs. Reach out to us – We look forward to hearing from you!