Plumbing Services in Ridgefield, WA

Plumbing Services in Ridgefield, WA

Downtown Ridgefield

Do you have a leaky garbage disposal? Is water backing up into your shower? Or are you struggling with a plunger and a backed-up toilet? Rowe Plumbing and Drain has seen it all and is ready to help in the Ridgefield, WA, area.

As the top plumber in Ridgefield, WA, and nearby areas, we know how important it is to have running water on demand. Washing hands, preparing food, taking a shower, or just getting a glass of water is a part of everyday life. If your only bathroom is out of commission for any amount of time, it can seriously bring the household to a screeching halt.

Residential Plumbing in Ridgefield WA

As the biggest investment many of us will ever make, it’s important to take care of that investment. Unfortunately, a leaky pipe can do quite a bit of damage to your home if left unattended. Depending on the leak, cabinets, walls, floors, and ceilings call all be affected over a period of time.

Many times, a leak isn’t discovered until it’s too late. When buying a home, we recommend a thorough inspection of the whole house, especially the plumbing. Some problems can be fixed with a new washer, other issues are more involved than that. Either way, Rowe Plumbing has the skills to get the water flowing once again in your residential plumbing system.

Going through a remodel? We change out old fixtures, including showerheads, toilets, kitchen faucets, and so on down the list. If you aren’t sure how to do it on your own, we recommend calling us because one false move with a bathroom faucet and you could be soaking wet and standing in a few inches of water!

In addition to taking care of clogged drains – both in the house and along the main sewer line – we also specialize in installing and servicing hot water heaters. We also give our customers tips to make sure their water heaters last as long as they are supposed to. After all, nobody wants to take a cold shower first thing in the morning.

Ridgefield WA Commercial Plumbing

A new sink fixtureWhereas a problem at home could put a serious crimp in your day to day activities, an issue with plumbing when you run a business in Ridgefield will put a crimp in your bottom line. Any amount of time that you have to shutter the doors to take care of a leaky pipe is too much time.

As a business ourselves, Rowe Plumbing understands how downtime can hurt. Employees have nothing to do, customers are kept waiting, and potential new customers are left to find a competitor. Imagine a restaurant getting ready for the lunch rush and, all of a sudden loses a kitchen sink or a bathroom. That’s money you’ll never get back. We’ll act fast and get those doors open again as soon as possible by working on your commercial plumbing promptly and effectively.

Rental Properties

We’ve already discussed problems that can happen at home – but what if you’re responsible for multiple homes? The rental market in Ridgefield seems to grow monthly, so you want to make sure your rentals are in tip-top shape. Rowe Plumbing performs service and maintenance calls on tiny homes, other auxiliary dwelling units, tri-plexes and more. By removing that plumbing worry, you can concentrate on keeping your houses rented.

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If you’re having plumbing woes in Ridgefield, contact Rowe Plumbing and Drain. No matter if it’s your home, a rental, or a business in downtown, we’ll do what we can to get your system back into working shape. We offer an array of plumbing repair services in Ridgefield, WA. We are a full-service, family-operated, and veteran-owned plumbing company so get in touch with us for any plumbing need or for reliable plumbing repairs in the local area.