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Clogged Drains in Vancouver, WA, and Nearby Areas

When you choose Rowe Plumbing and Drain for your plumbing repairs, drain cleaning, or water heater services, we offer prompt, efficient and high-quality customer service. As your top plumber in Vancouver, WA, and nearby areas, we also offer the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we’re here when you need us. So be sure to keep our number handy, so our plumbing company can get to you as quickly as possible. We offer quality hydro jetting and other drain cleaning solutions in all our service areas.

Top Tips on Dealing With Clogs

Once that you suspect that you have a clogged drain, get in touch with a trusted drain cleaning company right away. Rowe Plumbing offers drain cleaning in Vancouver, WA, and the surrounding areas. In the meantime, here are a few tips to avoid clogged drains.

First, you can avoid most clogs by not abusing your kitchen drain line. Don’t overload your disposal with foods high in starch, such as pasta, potatoes, and rice, or foods high in fiber, such as celery and asparagus. Also, be sure to run plenty of water down the drain and let the disposal catch up after every cup of food you push into it. Never dump bacon grease or coffee grounds into the drain. If allowed to settle and cool, they solidify in the drain and make clearing it much harder.

Chemical cleaners: Never use them! They are dangerous, can destroy your pipes, and they are harmful to the environment. If you do happen to use a chemical to clean your drain, be sure to alert your plumber before they start work.

Clogged Toilets: Sometimes there is more in the toilet than a plunger can shake free. When this happens, the toilet either needs to be snaked or pulled and cleared. Never use chemical drain cleaner on a toilet, either.

Kitchen Drains: A clogged kitchen sink can wreck a perfectly good evening. Instead of settling in for a relaxing after-dinner chill session, you find yourself staring at a sink full of dirty, backed-up water.

Bathtubs and Showers: Bathtubs and showers clog mostly due to soap scum and hair. The easiest way to prevent a clog is to clean out the hair that catches in the tub drain before it goes all the way into the pipes. Be sure to use a drain screen.

Mainline clogs: Rowe Plumbing and Drain services mainlines for both city sewer and septic systems. A mainline (the main sewer drain going from your house to the city drain) can get clogged for many different reasons. It could be baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, tree roots, or any number of items that end up going down any of the drains in the house. Remember: Never flush baby wipes or feminine hygiene products down the toilet!

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