Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair in Vancouver, WA

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Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair in Vancouver, WA, and Nearby Areas

Man working on a garbage disposalThere have been plenty of kitchen contraptions that have come and gone. The under-cabinet electric can opener, hand-operated mixer, and even trash compactor to name a few. Some may still be in service today, helping peel an apple or two. But one kitchen device has been around for 90 years and is still going strong.


The garbage disposal has been making doing the dishes that much faster since the late 1930s. Although many municipalities tried to ban the garbage disposal for fear of what it would do to sewer systems, the device is still widely used throughout the United States.

One of the reasons it’s such a staple is ease of use. Run water, put food waste down the kitchen sink drain, and flip a switch. The garbage disposal unit grinds up the food to fine particles, then sends it on its way. Even with the advent of using food scraps as compost, the disposal unit is still going strong.

The fear of large chunks of food clogging the plumbing was a concern at the start, but with today’s disposal units, there’s little chance of that happening. Of course, if the garbage disposal isn’t working like it should, or was incorrectly installed, it could be doing more harm than good.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Although they are pretty compact, the garbage disposal can still have problems. For example, nothing happening when you flip the switch. That is more than likely a wiring problem, either at the disposal or in the wall. Other issues, such a “humming” noise but no grinding or a sink that’s slow to drain, will involve removing the unit for more inspection.

In these cases, a motor might need to be repaired or replaced, a reset button may need to be flipped, or the drain leading away from the disposal will need to be cleaned. The biggest issue – the one that can cause the most harm – is a leaky disposal. If left unattended, the water can pool and cause some real damage in the sink cabinet.

If your disposal isn’t working as it should contact Rowe Plumbing and Drain. As the top plumber in Vancouver, WA, and nearby areas, we will test the unit, inspect it for any loose connections, and suggest a course of action.

Garbage Disposal Installation

When we install the new unit, we’ll make sure all connections, from the sink drain to the waste line, are firmly connected. A brand new garbage disposal isn’t much good if it’s constantly leaking after all. Our plumbing company will make sure that you will put off early plumbing repairs by providing the right installation as part of our range of plumbing services in Vancouver, WA, and nearby areas.

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